People come and go

Do you ever wonder why a certain person(s) is or was in your life? Sometimes like a whirlwind, before you even have time to hold your skirt down or lurch to the nearest anchor, they are gone as quickly as they came, and you're left kneeling in the midst of the aftermath. 

Or sometimes years go by and you don't realise you've taken their presence for granted. They pack their bags and leave. Then one morning you wake to find that besides leaving a jarring, crumpled, empty spot in bed, they've become a ghost of a memory that fortunately or unfortunately visits you occasionally in a dream to remind you that they once existed. 

Then you scroll past a Facebook photo that forces you to take a second a look at this familiar face, or bump into a common friend or hear an old song - and you wonder how someone who once knew your dustiest secrets is now but a stranger who happens to have the keys to your old diaries.

To this, my best friend recently said very matter-of-factly, "People come and go. Something we just have to come to terms with." 

Letting go is a feat. 


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